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Are you a real estate agent? We have 2 small parks in Cheyenne Wyoming and are going to sell one of them but we only have it listed on Craigslist so far. Looking for other ways to sell besides MLS.

Rob and Chris Langius


Bob and Chris, there is no charge to list it here–as you noticed lots of interest and you might want to make sure you have a low cap rate–less than 7–if you might need help I would be glad to assist you to reap the best sales price possible–we have family at Wheatland, Wy. Have sold more than 10 parks we have owned ourselves and still own parks.


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Hello everybody,

I am moving as fast as I can sending the list to everyone. The seller needs a disclosure signed first from everyone, so I am still waiting on that.

If I sent u a duplicate email, I apologize. :slight_smile:


@chrislangius I can help you move it. Send me info at . I may have a buyer for that actually. He is looking for MHP’s in the mid west.