New Law?

I am understanding from a multiple large mobile home park owner that, there is a new law that, before you replace a mobile home in the park, you need to get the soil tested and put a concrete slab on where the home will be sitting on. Soil cost is estimated at $6K to 8K and slab work have to be inspected and signed off by the city officials. Is this true?

come on!

What, a federal law? Jeez-o-pete, contact your local building department! How the heck do we know what your laws are, AND you dont even tell us where you are???

You’re killing me.


Please don’t kill the messenger. I’m only interested in finding out, if this is true across the board or someone can better explain this issue. I don’t know if this is Federal, State or City law; for all I know it could be mandated by the MHP owner, I don’t know.

I am in Minnesota and I will make calls today and find out what this is all about and share with you.


This is not true in NY.

Steve may be just trying to get you “up to speed” so to speak on what kind of information is and is not helpfull to you and the forum.

Most MH laws are local/state laws, and known pretty well by posters on here. So what plays in Minn. is not what plays in NY. For example foundation law.