New Law for Missouri RSMo 250.140.1 #3 Water and Sewer

Has your City told you about this law yet? My city has. Just wondering if any park owners in Missouri have delt with this yet. My park is a 50 pad park 50 full and we are in the process of getting some numbers together for expansion. Our expansion area is zoned Mobile Home Park as well. 15-20 years ago the city let individual meters be used in the Mobile Home Parks in our city. Our park spent over 50,000.00 to do this. All new water lines new meter pits etc we even gave the city an easement to run a new 8" water main down the middle of our street. They furnished the meters and billed the tenants wich is a lot easier now with there hand held reader . Now I guess because Im wanting to develop more lots they have had a city meeting and are now citing this new law RSMo 250.140.1 #3 and have said that all Mobile Home Parks must now revert back to master metering. I think this law went into effect August 28 2016. If I have to take care of the billing I will. But was wondering if this falls under some grandfathering.
Any remarks on this would be greatly appreciated. I’m well aware of the discrimination towards mobile home parks as I have been in this business 40 years. Its funny how the city says master metering will help them with water loss which means loss of money in a Mobile Home Parks but there not worried about a subdivision with the same pipes in the ground. Thanks

That stinks. I looked at this regulation. Maybe speak with a muni attorney to understand your options. It might take consultation with both zoning and utilities experience to get the right answer.

I read that the USDA has grant money available (for not for profit organizations) for sewer and water projects. Since we own a MHP with a well and treatment plant I am wondering if we could separate our water and sewer and lease it to a not for profit and apply for a grant. Does anyone have any ideas, watch outs or advice for turning over our well and treatment plant to a not for profit (we will be board members)