Networking really works!

Networking and treating people right may be the single most important factor to real estate investment success.

The micro park we bought was brought to our attention by our attorney.

Several Lonnie deals were refered by the park manager (owner). Just yesterday after almost 2 years of not doing a single deal in this park, I got a phone call from a seller referred by the manager!

Casually talking with another PM I know personally. I got another home I never would have known was for sale!

Our Mh movers have so far refered a home, a park, And offerd us some land they own with 4 spaces on it to us at a very good price. Because they are busy with other projects and they know we are looking for that type property.

So far over 75% of our purchases have been by referral.

So just like everyone on here says. network, network, network. And treat people right. And the deals will come! Just like a snowball rolling down hill you will get more and more as time goes by.

I am just having a good friday and wanted to share (bloviate).

Wishing everyone prosperous investing.



Congrats on your success. Most people don’t realize how important networking is in growing your business. The last 4 deals I’ve been involved in (two were over $1M) were the direct result of networking with people I’ve met at different seminars and/or training events.

A classic networking success story is Rick and Colin. Rick was featured on one of our teleseminars and now this team is on their way to another deal which will undoubtedly result in another huge equity jump in their portfolio.

Thanks for reminding us how important networking really is.