Networking / Mentoring

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I’m a very eager, aspiring mobile home park owner, and I’m reaching out to see if anyone would be willing to mentor or connect with me to build and grow a substantial MHP portfolio.

I’m open to anyone willing to connect and would be interested in partners or joint ventures. I currently operate an LLC in Virginia but I’m willing to cast a wide net for future properties. I also have capital to contribute to deals if anyone is looking for that.

Thanks in advance for consideration.



I am brand new and will really appreciate any guidance on investing on MHP. I have other properties but want to move into MHP. Let us chat up privately.

Thank you!

Raymond, Please contact me. I am looking for the right person to mentor and bring into my business.

I would be happy to mentor. In fact I just loaned money to a user who I met on this forum to buy his first property and started mentoring him. He needed funds in 15 days and the bank could not operate that quickly. If you have a good deal, send the basics to me, and if it’s good I’ll coach/mentor you on how to run it, and potentially invest.