Need to invest in MHP by end of this year

Hi MHU community!

I did not post here for a while. Time Fly.

I need to buy a mobile home park deal by end of this year for tax purposes.

If somebody has a deal, please contact me.

The amount I want to invest in the deal is up to $500k.

Thank you,

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Any criteria you have in mind or just any handsome/pretty deal?

I have a Portfolio deal under contract closing in December, we are looking for LP money with a 2.5 to 3x multiple in the form of depreciation loss, per dollar investment.

Let me know if you meant to jump on a call


I sent you a Private message

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Hello I’m interested, I have a couple deals in my pipeline that are adamant about closing before year end maybe we can help them send me a message I look forward to hearing back from you.


Private utilities okay?

Investing by the end of the year is more important this year than before with possible tax changes such as possible elimination of 1031 and being able to take advantage of Bonus Depreciation (100% depreciation if you are a real estate professional…please consult your tax advisor), but this is a biggie and it can be taken even if you close on 31 Dec. BIG tax break especially if combined with a good cost segregation study. Contact me if you want a good Cost Segregation guy (I am not compensated for this, just know that if you are purchasing something over 500k this could be really worth your while. Good luck to everyone and here’s to an incredible 2021.


yes. No well water. 30+ lots. No Flood Zone.
Septic is fine but no WTP and lagoons.

Sewer yes. Water has to be public.

Hi JL,

Here is my calendar, please pick a good day and time

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Hi Juan, just sent you an email.

Thank you for the insights

I can attest to this statement. Great points @captsam

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Contact me at at

I may have a good solution for you.

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