Need new park manger

I 've owned this 73 space park for 8 years. Been using park greeter concept for 4 years. My manager needs to go. I don’t see anyone currently living in park who I would trust to do job. I told my wife that I won’t hire a property mgmt company…all they know how to do is cash my check. What kind of luck has anyone had hiring a manager couple to move into park to be a park greeter ?

We’ve had no luck getting anyone to move into one of our properties, and in all but 1 case our managers do live in our properties.  But in that 1 exception, the park was just too small and had been too poorly managed by the previous owners to have anyone with the skills to manage it.  So we ran an ad in CraigsList and found someone from the town.  He is a local pastor, and has been working out reasonably well.  If you have a park with few qualified residents, it is likely a bit run-down, and it’ll be difficult to get someone to move in.  But if you can find the right person locally looking for extra work, then that is the next best thing to having someone on-site.  If you can upgrade your park with newer homes, that may attract a higher-quality tenant that could become your next manager.  But you’ve got to supply the house first; they won’t have one to move in.My 2 cents worth,-jl-