Need Florida accountant who is a STRATEGIST & gives advice

Most accountants just crunch numbers. I need an accountant in Florida who provides proctive advice. Eg, I need to know: when purchasing a MHP with POHs, what is the best strategy for reducing future taxes when deciding how to allocate the purchase price of a MHP to the following:
amount allocated to the MHP land amount allocated to the POHs
$ amount allocated to the leases
Can anyone suggest a Florida accountant who can provide strategic advice for me on these and other issues? Much appreciated! —Janice

I would ask your colleagues in the business who they use. Once you identify 2 or 3 names, start interviewing them.

Don’t expect to get legal advice from an accountant. At least not good legal advice.

The question you are asking is how to depreciate the quickest but survive IRS scrutiny? Get a cost segregation study. The people who do that professionally will know how to minimize your burden because everyone wants the same thing. In general, land doesn’t depreciate so you’re trying to allocate as much as possible to equipment and 15-year property and as little as possible to land and buildings which are 27.5 years (residential, including M/H, and parts thereof things like roofs or central A/C) or 39 years (commercial).