Need buyer's agent near Ft. Worth, TX

Can anyone recommend a good buyer’s agent/consultant to help me with an mhp purchase in Texas?

I am buying a small, $325K, park a bit south of Fort Worth. It is a FSBO and the price caluculates out well using the 60/30 method. I am OK with the price and I will be doing my due diligence after attending Boot Camp in September.

The problem I have right now is that I need someone to hold my hand and walk me through the purchase process. I have never done business before in Texas and am unsure of how to proceed. The sellers have accepted our letter of intent and I must write a contract after an initial visit on 9-1 if I like the place. The sellers say to just have the title company do all the work but I am not comfortable with such an approach. I will gladly pay someone, at my cost, to handle the contract and sort of shepard the whole process along.

Any ideas?

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We have a contract that we will be providing you at the bootcamp. If you need it before let me know.

The title company just follows the instructions of you and the seller. Once you have completed the bootcamp you will feel much more comfortable with due diligence, purchase, operational, purchasing repo’s, and will save BIG $$$ in learning mistakes!

I am excited that you have found a mobile home park. It will definitely change your life. :slight_smile:


Hello Rolf

I work in fort Worth and as evidenced by some homes listed on my website I have been successful selling and procuring the sale of mobile homes. I have found a niche in the mobile home market and have assembled a team of what I deem to be mobile home experts. I have a title company in Burleson that easily completes all of my mobile home transactions. Call me or email me and I would be glad to help you for a minimal charge. Thanks for your business. Have a great day!!