Nebraska Evicitons, Got a few questions

Forgive me, I am new at this… I have several tenants that are months behind on their rent. Offered to buy trailer to come current and then go month to month. No deal. Another tenant said that they have heard the deadbeat tenants say they will stay as long as they can and aren’t paying anything. So I’m in the process of filing an eviction on them. I have given them a 3 day notice to quit already.

I am preparing a Petition for eviction, Praecipe, and Summons for Restitution along with having a copy of the 3 day notice to quit and rental agreement (these tenants haven’t signed a rental agreement, been there for years before me). I was told by someone in town that it requires a lawyer to submit evictions in Lincoln county, Nebraska…but then by others that anyone can. Does anyone have any info on this?

Am I missing anything I need to be doing? I would like to get them out as soon as possible. Any time I see them they shout threats my way including gun violence although I remain respectful to them, but firm in the fact they need to get out or pay.

Hoping for some tips and pointers. Thanks

Fact #1: you are the boss – you own the park – and you call all the shots. They are tenants and have no rights other than possession of the property for the term of the lease, and then only if they pay rent and follow the rules. Fact #2: some courts do require an attorney. It might not be a bad idea to definitely use one on these people anyway, as they have not paid in a long time. Find the correct “evictions” attorney by calling the apartment complexes in town, and see who they use. Don’t use a regular attorney – they will cost a fortune. Fact #3: you are going to win. On a non-payment eviction, their only way out is to prove they paid. Fact #4: you are going to have a constable throw them out of the park with a Writ of Execution; no exception. They are 100% going to lose and going to be tossed.

Sometimes the tenants get the attitude that they have some power. They have none. If they don’t pay the rent, they have zero hope of remaining, You’ll probably have to toss out a couple of them to put the fear in the rest of them that they are going to be homeless if they don’t pay the rent. Once you train them that paying rent is their number one priority, your collection problems will go away (unless you later relax your eviction policy and start the whole cycle over again).

I have a park in Nebraska, if you contact me through PM or my email I will get in touch and walk you through it…