Narrowest Homes in Production Today

Does anyone know if there is a 12’ wide home in production out there today? If so, who makes it?

We’ve recently come across a park where the city requires that new homes brought in not exceed the length and width of existing homes. It is currently filled with old 10’ and 12’ homes.

It sounds like the city may be on shaky ground with that requirement. I don’t know the details of the park obviously, but I would be inclined to challenge the city on legal grounds and bring in wider homes.

Of course, if the lots are just super narrow, and placing any home wider than 12’ would violate the setback requirements between homes that were established when the park was first built, then that’s another story. However, if city is just setting an arbitrary home size of 12’ because that’s what is there right now they’re being ridiculous and I would challenge it.