Moving homes into the park without titles?

I’m looking to fill spaces and have a guy offering to bring in homes if I pay for the move.
Question: Do you owners bring in homes without a title? Do you allow it?

One home he offered is early 80s (which sounds OK) but the other is 1972.
I remember Frank saying you can’t even move a Pre-HUD home (before 1976).

What do you think?

The 1972 is a definite no. It needs to go to the landfill or if you cannot move it, to the dumpster.

We have never brought a home in without a title. Normally if we buy the home, we expect to have a title. If you found a guy willing to move homes without a title, he may not be doing legal moves. Normally you need a move permit and a title to get the permit.

I am not a lawyer so I cannot comment if you can do this, but I suppose if somebody brings a home to your lot and leaves it, you can get title through the abandoned title process. Since you paid for the move, though, you sponsored an illegal move. Likely you will not get in trouble because nobody cares about 40 year old homes, but still you did it.

I would not do this, but I know it has happened in my properties before I bought them.

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