Moving a home into a park

I’m starting to explore moving a new home from the factory into my park. I’ve never moved a home into a mobile home park before, so I’m not quite sure where to even start. Can I just ask the city inspector to come out and tell me exactly what needs to be done to the lot in preparation? I want to make sure I don’t have any surprises once I place an order with the factory.

I’m also unsure of exactly what size home I can fit in the lots. All of my current homes are grandfathered in and don’t meet the current set back requirement of being 5 feet from the road. Since the empty pads are small I would like to maximize the space available and fit the longest possible homes in there, but don’t know exactly how far I can push it.

My park is located in Ohio in case anyone has any localized knowledge too.

You need to know everything discussed in complete detail before you order the home. Talk to the city inspector on required setbacks and all other issues. You will also need to make sure the utilities on the lot work before the home comes in, as it’s a lot easier fixing things before there’s a home on top. You definitely need to find out what site preparation is required in your city and state. Once you get this down, it’s easy, but the very first home is complex.

We had to have the homes THREE FEET high because of flood plain requirements. And had to have a licensed contractor do the setup and skirting. Talk to the building inspector and KNOW THE DETAILS before proceeding. Get whatever you can in writing, too. Ignorance here could be costly.

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In addition to the other good advice offered here, I’d suggest also calling a local MH mover.

You can get the names of reputable movers from the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association ( Movers probably won’t know the specifics of flood zone and such for your park, but they probably do know your local inspector(s) and would know in general what needs to be done to your lot. Movers will, of course, know exactly what sorts of pilot cars are needed (16-wides often need them, 14-wides rarely do), and if/whether there is highway construction that may cause a re-route of your home (which would likely add a few hundred bucks to your total cost). Get a few quotes, but in general local moves of single-wides run $1,600 - $1,800.

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I suggest you look at the Ohio Mobile Homes Commission website. They have all the rules and regulations posted on it. Then contact a mover in your area as previously suggested.


A quick follow up, how do you test the utilities on the lot beforehand? Testing the water supply seems simple enough, but what about the sewer an electrical? Just run a hose down the sewer line and see if it backs up after 5 minutes of running water? What about testing the electrical?

I guess running water down the sewer (if it comes from out of the water spigot) is a good way to test both. You can probably call the electric company to come out and hook up a meter and see if it spins. You might also just ask the electric company how long it’s been since a home had service on that lot. The more recently, the more likely it is that nothing is wrong.

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