Move homes out and junking them

How much does it cost to move a home that is beyond repair out of a park?

Between 2-4K on average, depending if you throw in a dumpster or move out with a toter. Lots of threads on this topic already. Good luck!

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Thank you for the information

In NC I can pay $1300 for my mobile home mover to haul it off. But I’ve been able to pay different people between $500-$800 to take the scrap metal from one and haul off the rest.

Does you $1300 guy service nationwide? In particular Indiana? Or do you know any that service nationwide or Indiana? I appreciate it!

Be careful with those willing to scrap it onsite, we have had a few instances where the person grabs all the scrap metal and disappears. We now don’t allow anyone to take the scrap metal until the completion of the job.


How did you go about finding the people to take the scrap metal?

we ran into the same thing. We did find a guy that tears them down for us for the scrap value but we have to provide rolloff dumpsters. It has been the most cost affective way of disposing of them. Until we found this guy though we did have some real serious problems with people tearing them down. We even tried just giving the homes away if someone would just remove them, that was a real disaster. There is just no easy or cheap way of disposing of old homes

Do you mind telling me how much you pay him for this service and how much you pay for dumpster service? Does this guy service the south Indiana area by chance? Thank you for your input!

Too much liability on this to have someone do it for free or scrap metal . Its all good until its not. Pay the money , use a licensed and insured pro for this task .

Do you hire a mobile home mover to move the home out or do you hire a scrapper? What has been your best experience?

I have tried to get people to move out homes ( me paying the cost ) and then putting it on their lot . I think , in theory, that would be the cheapest. Depending on the dump cost , it might make sense as well when you factor the move cost. Typically, when i have tried to do this , the mover has concerns about the homes integrity or condition to be moved and may opt to not have anything to do with it. So while I have tried that method, i have not successfully completed it , i think in theory it could work ( will depend on the homes and the mover though) . When you demo with a pro, at least in my experience, they bring in a bob cat and dump trucks. It makes a little mess and you risk having utility line damage ( but really shouldn’t) so thats why i think moving it out is appealing to skip the debris component but you work with what you got i suppose.

we tried using an excavator and dump trailers for the demo but it made a huge mess that we had to pay the other guy to clean up anyway. Tearing them down by hand has yielded the best results for us and the site is cleaned up and there is no damage to infrastructure. I would avoid heavy equipment at all costs. As far as the not being licensed and insured, the guy we use is insured and licensing is not required. He has tore down and removed 35 homes for us. Average cost for 30 yard rolloff dumpsters is around $500 each.

I think our guy uses one of the bobcats with that attachment thats like a claw and can crunch them up so definitely a little more nimble than a full blow excavator. Ill agree its not perfect and i don’t love heavy machinery there but I’m not sure if it makes sense for the pros to do it all by hand break down etc.

Would it be possible to rebuild it frome the metal frame up or would it be cost prohibitive? Just curious.

I don’t think you could do it from the metal frame up and beat the costs of building it in a factory. But for $15 - 20k you can take a real junker and make it pretty much all new inside and vinyl side it, esp. if you are running a crew yourself. Thing is, is it worth it? If it has a pitched roof, I would say yes in most cases. If it is a little old flat top, I would guess not. Of course if you do a complete makeover on the a home you don’t have the cost of trashing it out.

One of the questions to ask yourself is how much would you be willing to loose to have a home in your park. Most owners would be willing to pay a $4k moving fee to have someone move in. What about $5k? Or $6K? If you take these numbers, say $5k you may be willing to loose on a deal, plus $3k it may cost you to make a junker disappear, then spending $20k to turn in it into a dollhouse is not so bad. Surely you could sell it for at least $12k, if it is all shinny and new , inside and out.

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