Motivated operator looking for a partner

Hey everyone,

I’m a community operator in SW Michigan. I own two communities in the Kalamazoo area. I’ve been investing in real estate for 5 years, and in MHPs specifically for a year and a half. I just started my own community management company, and really feeling good about operations.

Despite all the headaches and lessons learned I’m still really enjoying the business. MHPs get me pumped up. I love going to work on them each day and want to keep growing. My issue is that most of my own capital is tied up in my first two parks. I’m trying to figure out ways to keep growing despite that.

I’m currently starting to ramp up deal finding activities again. I’m seeking partners that might be interested in contributing capital (JV or I’m open to structure) to any deals I come across. If you’re interested I’ll add you and get to work on bringing some deals. I’d love to get a conversation going with anyone who is interested. My email is


Hey Chris,

Nice to meet you. I sent you an email a few minutes ago. Congrats on owning 2 mhps already. great work in 18 months.


Dan G.
Cashflow Properties, LLC

Chris shoot me a email at would like to discuss