Most cost-effective Investment

When a friend returned a CD that I had lent him over the weekend, he commented: “Both my wife and I listened to it – twice. Boy, we needed that.” I was happy to hear his enthusiasm, as he had been in the dumps for most of this year. The CD is a masterful presentation by Lonnie Scruggs –

“Create Your Own Economy.” It is strictly reality-oriented, practical in application, and highly motivational in content. It addresses the listener, you and me, personally, our specific circumstances, and our environment.

I believe that acquiring the CD could turn out to be the best, the most profitable, educational investment of the year for anyone – an old-timer in our business, a newbie, or anyone in-between.

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned this CD before, but it bears repeating.


I cannot find this in cd format. Only online audio. Where do I and others find one?



Call Lonnie Scruggs. I got my copy from him directly. Also, I still owe you and your bride a lunch/dinner. Hopefully, we will see each other at the next MOM meeting. Rick Ewens was thinking about sponsoring one in Burlington,NC during the fall.

All the best to both of you.