More negative publicity

Came across this write-up from the Business Insider. Some day hopefully someone will say something about the positive things we are doing for communities.


Pfttt! Dont know anyone who takes Yahoo News serious. Just copying fake news.

It’s becoming old news. Media should soon move on to the next hot topic.

“government-backed loans”

“The landlords take the benefits of the cheaper financing”

Where are these loans and cheaper financing?

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What are the positives for low income, and or low fixed income senior citizens who have owned their mobile homes for a while and have no options when new investors take over older mom and pops? ( I understand the removal of gangs, and other criminal behaviors, vicious dogs, etc, ). Historically, mobile homes were the last resort for citizens to have decent and secure homes.

This is not accurate, I don’t think. It is just stigma based on anecdotes everyone’s heard.

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Well that is possible, but I have spoken to several mobile home owners…senior citizens who have lived in multiple parks around my county region…many have lived in the same parks since the 1960s and 70s. So I am basing my statement on that knowledge. Low income housing can be safe, secure, and enjoyable with the proper management.

At the end of the day, many rural but growing cities where parks are located, are doing NOTHING to provide their own low income housing developments that meet the needs of low-income multi-generational households.

In cases of multi-generational cultures with parents, grandparents, kids, other relatives all wanting to live together, the household exceeds the occupancy limitations of 2, sometimes even 3 bedroom, rental housing. There are very few options for larger than 3 bedroom rentals and they certainly would not be affordable to most anyone.

I have tenants that have come to me for help wanting to find land or houses they could afford and the property taxes alone on most properties exceed what they are currently paying me in lot rent. Unfortunately for them, that means I will probably be raising my lot rent sooner rather than later.

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I was not talking about “multi generational families.” The housing for low income single people is in great shortage all over the country. The waiting lists can be many years for this type of housing. Mobile homes historically have been the more easily accessible way to affordable income. I am not talking about the newer “retirement villages” which are more like resorts or suburban gated communities.