Hi everyone,

The last time I read about MOMVIII was from a Post by Greg Meade (6/ 23/08). Since that time, nothing more has been published regarding this MOM. Does anyone can confirm to me that this meeting will still be held on November the 7th in Athens, GA. I am very interested to attend but I have to know ASAP because I would be leaving from Montreal, Canada, so I have to make plans in advance.

I am new in the MH Investment business and attending that meeting would be my first step in that field. After that meeting, I am planning to go to Florida with my wife and start establishing ourselves in the Tampa Bay area. If anyone from Florida attends that meeting it would be nice to chat with them.

Hope to see you soon !

Louis Pottier

Hope to see you there. I live in Florida near Ocala and there are usually a few dozen of us at these meets.