MOMVI Update

Have almost all the details set out for this MOM. Karl Warner is working on getting approval for us to use the community Room in his Community for Jan.26th meeting ( It is the actual owner’s and tenants room after all)

We have rounded out the Speaker’s List as follows:

Steve Case - The Man in MHP development period ( he co-hosts this forum)

Ryan Needler- The how to get rich with OPM success story.

Karl Warner- Amazing person B4 Terramar, co host of this meet.

AnneND( now GA) Of CRE fame and an amazing story ( plus a great person)


Lonnie Scruggs- Do I have to say anything more?

Jim and Ellen Brenn- new Park owners and very savvy (and cool)

Daphne and John Lowe-Turnaround Park owners in GA (Great folks)

Don Wilson- The Finance Guy- A very interesting guy!

Was notified by Best Western in Edgewater that 7 of the 20 rooms I blocked reserved are gone. If you plan to attend this event PLEASE reserve your room ASAP. They will soon be all gone.

To the new investor wanting to come but don’t have a cc to reserve room, call me, we can leave it on mine…no cash ? we have three investors to help with cost…food, gas, or room!!! The generosity of this group is almost overwhelming at times. It humbles me ( and anyone that knows me knows this is no small feat) That all of the folks above are donating time and money to impart their knowledge, strengths and hopes with us all. Have been asked from several folks from this Board why I am not listed as a speaker this year…well the answer is simple. I am doing the same exact thing I was last year and don’t have anything NEW to add, and this meet isn’t about me, it is about all of us!

Each of this speakers will pick their own topics and presentations. I will be bringing three Dell Inspiron 8600’s for presentations, sign-ins, and personal use. This is a wonderful cast of great Speakers… Any one of them is worth the price of admission.

Best Western

1720 S Ridgewood Ave

Edgewater, FL 32132

(386) 427-7101

Go to this link (copy and paste) for good driving direction:

Mention Meeting of the Minds and you get an automatic $20 discount (cuz of bulk rate) and the room comes off my CC and onto yours with the discount intact. Out the door prices including taxes ,fees, etc. will be $89 for single and $99 for double. It is a race weekend so please reserve early.

The hotel has pool, wi fi in each room, free continental breakfast and clean, new rooms! There are places to eat within walkin distance plus of course, the Atlantic Ocean across the way. To the folks coming over a day early or staying a day later reserve now.

See ya all there!


Wow! I sure wish I lived on the East Coast! Greg every year somehow you manage to find a way to top the previous MOM events! This year looks like no exception! It is just amazing on how you give back and constantly mentor others to realize their dreams of becoming financially independent!


Ernest, Lonnie, Steve, you, Pacman, Karl, Anne, Chuck, Steve Wiltz, Lyal, Ken Semler, ad infinitum…


folks ask me ALL the time why I do these meets…read on


I am all set for MOM!! It looks like this will definitely be the best one yet, I am very excited. I got two rooms because with the few land homes I have bought it has actually perked my DADS interest. So I am hoping he will come out of this event ready to do some deals with me (my goal from day one). I am also bringing Lando (Deon Sanders). I hope your making a lot of dough, I think I may have a THIRD L/H before MOM!! See you there…

I got this e-mail today and it really does a body good to hear of a true newbie jump in with both feet. “Start small, start smart” that is my motto, but the key word is start. For me all the stress, money, and time these meets take vanish. Another young person is on the seldom travelled road to financial freedom.

I hear of friends buying Parks, and financing deals, and turning L/H’s, and it makes this biz unique for me…I go to work each day, do something I love, and get paid phat bucks for doing it!! How sweet is that? It probably gets better, but I don’t see how.


I’m new to this site and am interested in MOM. My wife and I would like to attend, do I need to register? How do I get directions to the location for the event?


Brian Smylie