MOMs, Let's Do It!

Tony is right, as usual. A face- to- face meeting cannot be replaced by any other form of communication. The times demand these meetings. From a purely selfish point of view, I would like to attend at least two of these gatherings. This time I will have a co-driver and am prepared to drive to any destination in the beautiful U.S. during the college summer vacation period. Let


If you are willing to drive here to Morganton, NC I know Scott, Ryan, my family and more would love to share some time with you.

Scott and I both bought property in Morganton and would love to show you how we set things up (much per our conversation back in Asheville about 18 months ago or so).

I will see what we can put together and who can attend for a local get together.


Tony, I’d be interested per our earlier discussion/emails. I was just going to send out a follow up on the topic. I’m not familiar with the area and was going to ask for some help on the coordination/logistics.


I will check with Ryan about using the same local hotel he did for his event here in Morganton.

Things here are much cheaper than they were in Asheville and we are about an hour from Charlotte if folks had to fly in for some reason.