MOM VI is probably full

Went over and spent a couple of hours with Karl Warner in Edgewater yesterday…WOW!!! A beaut of a 316 space Community right on the intercoasta waterway. Pools, rec center, DOCK!! This place is tooooo cool for words.

The bad news??? We have 134 confirmed attending and a community room that is rated for 90. Iam bringing 50 chairs over and we will make it work. But make no mistake, this will be tight. Am overwhelmed at the sheer numbers, but I am happy there is such interest. Instead of 12 pizzas like last MOM, will be ordering 40!!! WOW!!

Anyone coming to the Meet who owns a projector, please bring it for back up. Have broken a bulb before and that is not good. A back up will ease my mind a bunch also, anyone with an a/v white projector screen? If not, I will buy one.

Gettin’ close folks i am posting my info below.

Greg Meade

352.216.2020 Cell

352.288.1434 Home

352.288.0046 Office

Se ya there!