MOM Update

I hate to put stuff off to the last minute so I am putting together an update for the MOM meet we are having this weekend (Nov. 2, 3)LOL!

Friday (Nov 2) we will tour Jim and Ellen Brenn’s Park in Troy Alabamy. We will carpool over to the Park about 9 AM, after tour, a friend of theirs, Brad Weidman and his business partner will show some L/H pacs, parks and other mobile ventures in the area that they are involved in. These sound like real interesting folks.

Hopefully, we will break for lunch somewhere in there (look at me and you can see I miss few meals).

we have the meeting room from 3-? and we will do some presentations Friday night.

  1. David Protiva (3PM)

  2. Lin NC (5PM)

DINNER (Thought I’d forget that??)

  1. Steve (local CPA) partner of Brad W. asset protection, entities.

  2. Deals presented (have several Park Sellers coming)

Saturday Meeting Nov. 3:

  1. Steve Hall CPA partner of Brad Weidman

  2. Brad Weidman and his busines partner (Steve)

  3. Rickie and Therese from Macon GA area

  4. Fred Balke from the Albany GA area.

  5. Chris NC from NC- Park Owner (yeah!!)


  1. Dave and Betty Jackson from the Ft Benning, Ga area

  2. Jim and Ellen Brenn

  3. Michael and Ruben from the KCMO area

  4. Open forum, questions and answers, improvement thoughts, pick next MOM location, etc.

I will be bringing a projector (Steve can you bring one for a backup?) and 2 Dell Inspiron laptops. Bring a mini hard drive or your laptop and we can put on mine. Attending Tony and Scott’s bootcamp I realize Power Point presentation are fine, but most folks are there to hear The Speakers and the visuals are just icing on the cake

We actually have #8 available for overflow or an opportunity for someone unnamed above to present to the group or I will present a deal I just completed. The only caveat is I ask no solicitations or sale of products… this is a meeting to share what we know.

The exception to the above are listed below and I would actually ask the following to bring samples of products and services available:

  1. Steve Case

  2. Ernest’s material (by Sandra or Dianne).

  3. Tony and Scott’s material and Books

  4. Lonnie Scruggs (any material at all)

These folks have made my own investing career sucessful and you will hear several Speakers reference these materials. “The best investment we ever make is in our own education”. (Ernest Tew 2002)

I own most all of their books and have been to Tony and Scott’s Bootcamp.

We will hold the meet this year:

Holiday Inn will charge $76.99/room per night

Every 25 rooms booked will give us one free room.

They will give us a free meeting room.

Breakfast is served 6-9:30 daily

Dinner is served 5-9 daily

They will serve lunch on Saturday for us.

Their telephone number is (334) 566-1150

They want a credit card to hold the rooms.

Holiday Inn Express is next door and they can handle overflow

We will probably have some changes last minute…

Can’t wait to see y’all, did I misss anyone?? Call me!

Greg Meade


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Hey Greg, great work on setting up this mom and many thanks to all that have helped. I am looking forward to this weekend.

Scott can’t make it but I was able to snag Karl Kleiner to join in the trip!

See you all Thursday!


an inspiration to me and many others on CRE and here. It will be a pleasure to meet him and see you again.

It is a real pleasure to host these annual events and I have never left one without new ideas I can use in my own operation.

Have a safe trip over,


I got a call asking what the address of the hotel is for the MOM this weekend. Guess more than one of us is going to use a navigator to get there.

Can you repost the address of the hotel?



Holiday Inn

Hwy 231 @ US 29

Troy, AL 36081

There is no numerical address for the Hotel…they use PO Box for mail service

Safe trip all,


Hwy 231 is the main drag through Troy. You will pick it up in Montgomery or off Rte. 10 in Florida, depending on whether you are coming from the north or the south. The Holiday Inn is on the north end of Troy. It should be tough to miss.

For those of you arriving by private plane at the Troy airport, give us a call and we can run up and pick you up (or if you feel like exercise the park is within walking distance!)


I’ll definitely have a backup projector. I don’t want to miss ANY of the presentations.


Can you have Jim pick us up at the airport? If everything goes as planned, Fred and I will leave Albany by 9 a.m. Friday and do a flyover of the park as you guys are out walking around 10 a.m.

Get your cameras ready…you don’t want to miss the expression on Fred’s face as we are upside down at 500 feet over the new office…LOL


Pulling out of the driveway momentarily. See you all in Troy. Have a safe trip!

It is going to be one great weekend!