MOM Seattle

Is there a place where everyone will be meeting at the Double Tree Hotel? I will be there around noon Friday and would like to meet up with some fellow MHP owners and investors

Rick 805 550-9753

Just checked out what the weather was going to be like in Seattle. Its downright FRIGID!!! Temps in the 40s and 50s- and its not even winter yet! I’m gonna have to dig around in my closet and find some pants. Its been months since I’ve worn anything other than tshirt and shorts. I don’t think I’ll have much luck finding long johns at the local WalMart, but I may give it a try…

I’m excited, and looking forward to seeing everyone!


(who doesn’t understand why folks live in cold godforsaken places like Seattle)

mount rainier shining like a jewel, puget sound, cascades. one of the most beautiful places in north america!

See you there…is John flying out? or commercial flight?

Will be in friday at 4 will look you up…my cell is 352.216.2020

maybe a bunch of us can go eat supper together! I fly out in a few hours…