MOM bus schedule

David, Anne, Daph and John have worked VERY hard to get agenda, list of attendees, and details to the upcoming MOM together.

We propose to post an Agenda on Friday (late) of approximate times and designated Speakers. As in MOMs past this is more a wish list than an actual cast in concrete timeline, but the basic framework will be laid out.

Something that commercial and private flight users might find useful is the Bus Schedule for Athens/UGA to our hotel:

As at MOM’s past, there is help for people to attend this meeting that find the cost of getting there or food prohibitive. Let’s face it, even a free event costs real money and both myself and other investors from this forum want to help those that truly are looking for financial freedom but lack the necessary funds to attend (is this ironic or not? LOL).Call me(cell) or email me at my home email if this is an option that tilts the scale in your favor of attending my last hosted MOM.

RV users sometimes need a ride to the event and I volunteer my pickup and time to see that you get to the event if I have good lead time.

I am so excited!!!

Greg E-mail

352.216.2020 Cell

352.288.0046 Office 9-5 or so!

Hi Greg,

I’m really looking forward to my first MOM. My friend and I plan to attend. Can you clarify if there an attendee list we were supposed to sign up for? The last post I saw mentioned to just book a room at the hotel.



Here is the tentative Agenda for the MOM conference:


 People arrive from out of town.

 Cocktails & dinner around Athens & at Foundry Inn.

 No agenda for Thursday evening


Attendees should finish breakfast by 8:30

8:30 amGreetings by Greg Meade