Mobile Homer Program Questions

Frank and Dave

Obviously you are developing a data base of potential investors that might meet the needs of varying infill community owners from state to state?

#1) How will the investors and community owners be qualified and possibly matched up to do business?

#2) Are you going to have an application process for potential investors and the community owners to get back ground information somewhat like a resume?

#3) Will there be background checks performed by you?

#4) By signing our communities up with the Mobile Homer program and you acting as a clearing house what service will you provide and what will you expect?

#5) Is there legal issues we will all need to be aware of by making and investment offering like this?

I understand if all you want to do is make a casual introduction and let the community owner and the investor figure the rest out on their own.

I am asking these very simple questions in hopes that others will add more thoughts and questions.

I think it is a fantastic idea/program and feel it is a great win/win tool for the infill community owner and the home investor.

Rick Ewens