Mobile Home University Forum Update

We have just updated to the latest and greatest forum software. It includes the ability to bookmark discussion and fixes many bugs. It also includes a new panel on the right with quick access to many forum features. If you find anything wrong or that you don’t like on this update system. Please let us know!

I don’t supose it is going to do any good to tell you I don’t like it?

What don’t you like?

the yellow markers that used to tell us what was unread are no longer visible. They used to be a set number of pixials off the right margin, so a smaller screen would push them off the right margin. Anyway- they are just gone now. 

Thanks Jim. I will look into that. I have noticed an issue regarding access to signature settings. I will be working on that as well.

The threads which contain unread posts now have bold print.I don’t know if this is a Forum thing or a Browser thing, but once upon a time I used to be able to read a post and use my browser’s “Back” button and the Forum would register that I had read the post.Now, in order for the Forum to note that I read a post I have to click on the “Forum” link on the side of the page.I am working my way backwards in time through the Forum and being able to use the back button and still have the thread marked as viewed would be useful.

Thanks. I will look into that as well.

It reduces the space for the title of each post

there is a tool bar across the top that has most of these selections why have them twice?

your last 3 changes have been bad,
please don’t change anything else…

Hey Brandon, Have you looked into a feature that would allow people to post pictures? I think people would really like and use such a feature.

I second the pictures. I don’t think the chages have been bad. Overall this is a pretty decent forum considering the it’s a small community. 

You may post images in the text editor. They have to be hosted elsewhere and you just need to insert a link via the picture icon on the text editor. It is the 5th option from the left.