Mobile Home Parks for Sale in NC

Park in NC for sale (greater Greensboro area).

Current Rent Roll: $7,295 / mo.
Current expense ratio: ~20%

13 mobile units currently rented, 5 vacant and need slight rehabs. Can be rented for $800/mo+ after rehabbed.

1 SFH rented, 1 SFH needs minor rehab (partial rehab has already begun), 1 SFH is best used as work / storage area.

2 empty lots ready for in-fill. Sellers own a 3 bed / 2 bath unit located off property that can be moved to a vacant lot.

Property also includes a large slab on grade garage that houses property manager’s materials, extra rehab materials, and replacement parts.

Current owners have completed significant repairs in the last 1.5 years and have left additional value add opportunities for the next owner. Remaining value add opportunities include: infill of 2 lots, minor rehabs of currently vacant units, rent increase (current owners have implemented one and are about to do a second), and bill back water bill.

Please DM if interested.

Please send me the address and contact information to smartdoorresolutions@gmail.come. Thanks

what is current cap rate?

Hi, Please see due more information- price, cap rate, utilities- ie septic or city, etc. Thanks