Mobile home park lender

Hello. Im looking for a lender who can help with a mobile home park purchase in Tennessee.
Im a first time MHP buyer. Any recommendations?
Thank you!
Gabi lists some lenders. Also, try the local community banks.

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It can be tough as a newbie overall but my best advice is to not give up. We had no luck finding financing with either the local banks or lenders who specialize in this business without experience. Even some advice given to us by some seasoned veterans on this site resulted in an opinion that we were in way over our heads without prior experience and to maybe choose a different business. This site is by far one of the most beneficial websites you can ever come across and you will gain a lot if you take the time to read it, study it, and learn from it. If you have passion and drive for this business then you will find a way. We were told by a local bank that because of lack of experience we would have to show at least 2/3 years of ownership without payment issues before they would take over a loan for us. We were able to talk the seller into seller financing for those 2/3 years and then move it to our local bank. Less than 2 years into the business and our seller who is financing the loan has approached us to carry the loan to term because of what we’ve accomplished in such a short time and our work ethic has impressed him. So don’t stop because of obstacles or opinions, they are only speed bumps. We are so happy with this business decision and it is very rewarding to us and we look forward to many more great years to come.

Jim Clayton owns a bank in TN called Clayton Bank and Trust. Nobody knows the mobile home and park business like Jim: