Mobile Home or General Contractor in Central OH

I am looking for a MH contractor or general contractor. Mainly to get mobile homes rent ready and some service calls.Park is in Grove City. Any referrals are appreciated…I am using local park tenants but want to keep everyone honest in their bids…

Try Craigslist.  Be patient, it can take a while to find the right guy (and when you do find him he will go bad eventually).  Be wary that most of your tenants who say they can do the job actually can’t.

Have you thought about asking mobile home movers in the area.
They usually have many contacts

Park tenants make the worst employees for many reasons: #1 if they were any good they would not live in the park and be unemployed and able to work for you.Run ads on Craigslist, talk to mobile home dealers and movers, build a list of guys who do NOT live int he park and that can rehab mobile homes. You are going to be firing them at the speed of light – probably fire the first three in two weeks time – so another reason that having someone live in the park is a bad idea.Make sure that all contracts are for turn-key jobs – NEVER by the hour. These type of workers are notorious for spending 10 hours changing a light bulb (and even then, it will be backwards).When you find a decent worker with decent prices, use him until he falls apart on you (typically alcoholism). Always be ready to fire your best rehab guy, because it’s always going to end up that way.