Mobile Home Millions 6 was beyond Incredible!

I have finally decompressed after Mobile Home Millions 6. This was without a doubt the best seminar I have attended in all of my years of investing (over 20). The speakers was second to none and I met so many people that I think will become good friends with in the future.

I loved meeting all of the people that were highlighted for the inspirational stories. The Costco guy was so funny.

After meeting Alexander and watching the presentation on his computer I am going to get my son investing in mobile homes pronto. His dad should be so proud of him because he is an incredible kid!

I was really moved that Corey and Steve had the big Get Well cards for Lonnie. They think of everything.

I can’t wait for next year.


Post Edited (04-22-08 13:14)

I agree Anne it was totally awesome! This was my first time attending and I remember speaking with Blake early on trying to decide if I should go since I am on the other side of the investing spectrum. He gave me good advice as everyone needs financing.

I met soooo many great people and everyone was like one big family. I especially enjoyed running into Tony at the Houston airport and getting to know him for a couple of hours!

I did learn a lot as well which will help me educate my buyers more than I knew before. I came away feeling so glad that I decided to go-even though I was fried to the bone-that’s ok-it was worth it all!

I can’t wait until next year either!