Mobile home millions...450+?

I just heard about this conference from a co-worker and was wondering if anyone has been to it before, and can tell me a little bit about it. I heard that there will be about 450 people there- sounds popular… any thoughts?

I have a good feeling it will be sold out at 500!

Hi Kali,

Does that mean you have been to this event? What have you heard?



We have owned and managed several communities for over 25 years, I thought I knew it all. I have been to the last 3 events and I keep learning vital information and great contacts at each event. If you are a NEWBIE or even a new owner just imagine what you WILL learn.

I keep telling myself this will be the last meeting, but again I am overwhelmed with knowledge it keeps me coming back.

I even tell Corey, quit making more competition for me :slight_smile:

There is plenty of deals to go around…

You will never find such an abundant amount of information people are willing to share in ANY Commercial Real Estate organiztion. NONE! I am involved with most of them, especially at such a cheap price.


Mobile Home Millions 5 will be nothing short of AMAZING! We will be 500 strong! It looks like we will be sold out within a week so unfortunately there will be some people that will miss the event. I guess next year we will have to book a larger venue!

We will have people from all 50 states and of all levels of investing (including investors doing Lonnie Deals, Land Home Packages, Small MHP’s, Large MHP’s and REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trusts). The speaker line-up will be unparallelled in the mobile home park industry and the speakers will never be assembled in the same room again… ever!

I think you can tell that I am super excited about this event! We have 12 days and counting! I can’t wait to see all of the friendly faces of all the past attendees and all of the new people attending MHM for the first time. Make sure and get a lot of rest before the event… we start early and go late! While your at it, you might want to take the week after MHM 5 off just to recoop! lol! :slight_smile:

Get ready for an action packed 3 days! The friendships and networking will be priceless… I guarantee you! :slight_smile:

By the way we have 47 seats left! Rose make sure and enroll in the next couple of days. This event will definitely change your life!


I am sure that this will be an outstanding educational and learning experience! But it looks to me like the real money in mobile homes is in seminars. $589.00 X 500= $294,500.00. Subtract speaker fees and facility rental and the numbers are staggering. Who needs the wobbly box when you can make this money on a 3 day seminar. (I know there is much more time involved than that)

I am not knocking anyone or meaning to take away from this seminar in any way. I am just pointing out the kind of money to be made in mobile home related seminars and books.


If that is your mentality you shouldnt attend.

Start your own seminar and see how succesful it gets…

If you think an investment in your education, rubbing elbows with millionaires/billionaires and learning the industry is not worth the $400 then you are smarter than everyone here.

The key to real estate is learning how to add value, if you can learn that for a few thousand dollars and net over 7 figures on a deal (as I have) you would understand from a different point of view.

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It sounds like you missed the discounted pricing for the conference… I know that they were offering tickets for new folks in the $300 range a few days ago (a good friend signed up at the end of last week) and almost half off tickets for people that have attended the last few seminars. I have attended the conference each and every year and got my ticket for some ridiculously low price.

In any case - I can tell you from personal experience that the seminar is worth all of $500 and more…after the third seminar i invested in a small mobile home park and have already made $100K on it. I wouldn’t have done it without going to the conference.

Best of luck,


I am afraid that some have failed to carefully read my earlier post. In no way have I attempted to discredit MM5. I am sure there will be many opportunities to learn and network. One little morsel of information could be worth thousands of times the entry fee. The lineup of speakers is truely outstanding. If I did not have other obligations I would be there.

I owe a great debt to Lonnie Scruggs. He has totally changed my way of thinking much for the better. I have all of his books and it was money very well spent. But there is another mobile home site I am sure you all are fimiliar with, that tells every newbie to get Deals on wheels and then come back and ask questions. How many books do you say he has sold? And just think, a new crop of newbies comes along every few months. Talk about a check in the mailbox, it is probably direct deposited at that! Does this discredit Lonnie? Absolutely not! He has merely found an even better way.

Corey, I salute you! You have shown remarkable ability to make this seminar successful! I hope you make a million in seminars. I am just pointing out to others that you have ascended to a level most of us never really took the time to think about.


Thank you everyone for your feedback. Despite the comment about the ticket price, I have to agree with my co-worker and Kali here… the cost definitely seems worth it. I have always thought that surrounding myself with the best is the way to learn, and I’ve wanted to get my feet wet with the mobile home industry for a while. This is exactly how I got straight As in school by sitting with the other A students!!! :wink: I’ll be there! See you in San Diego, Kali!


It is unfortunate that you don’t have your numbers correct. In addition, I have always found successful people set their goals and go for it and not looking at others or thinking the grass is always greener!

Let’s start with Mobile Home Millions 5…

  1. Steve and I have set the price for past MHM attendees just barely above our cost per a student for the event. More than a 60% discount of the posted event price.

  2. Steve and I intentionally set the price for MHM 5 at a price that allows everybody to attend. Most people were able to take advantage of the early bird pricing as we extended the deadline from January 1st to February 15th (only 2 weeks before the event). The early bird pricing is more than 30% discount off the event price.

  3. To encourage business partners and spouses to attend we offered a $100 special… that is right $100 to bring a second person!

  4. I think you will be hard pressed to find an event that is so focused on providing information and making sure people get 10x value out of the event than what they paid for. We have never had a negative comment about any past MHM event. In addition, no student has ever said that they did not get their money’s worth and then some from a previous MHM event.

Steve and I make the lion’s share of our income from investing in real estate not doing real estate education. However Steve and I are both at a point in our lives that education and watching others realize their goal of financial independence is much more rewarding personally than the financial compensation. This is one benefit of being financially independent… a culmination of many years of hard work, being a student of the business and making a lot of sacrifices along the way!

Steve and I spend countless hours each week answering questions via email, in person at real estate clubs and also by phone. In addition we have significant costs associated with running Mobile Home University both in staff and hard costs.

Mobile Home Millions requires Steve, myself, and our staff 4-5 months in preparation for this event. I personally have spent the last 90 days speaking at more than 12 real estate events to educate people about the possibilities of mobile home park and self storage investing in preparation for MHM 5.

I normally don’t respond to an email like yours but made an exception. I think it is very easy to throw an outlandish comment out there without having any knowledge or experience of what it takes to put on an event, annual expenditures to create a community and what the time value & opportunity costs of Steve and myself’s time. But most of all where our heart and soul is… to help others achieve what Steve and I have achieved… which is financially independence. Many people helped Steve and I along the way and we too want to help as many people that we can as well!

Steve and I are extremely proud of the “MHU Family” that we have created which will only exponentially increase over time.

I hope one day that you can feel how rewarding it is to help others achieve their dream of being financially independent through real estate investing. I would focus on education and attend events to further that knowledge.



Please accept my apology for bringing up the subject.



This is the 2nd MHM for me and I do think they are worth the cost. However, there are other gatherings called “Meeting of the Minds” (MOM) that I have been to. I recommend you plan to attend both events if you are really serious about this business. MHM will give you a great overview while MOM will get you the nitty-gritty info you really need to succeed.


MOM was started as an alternative to CRE and is more “in the trenches” in content. I depend on Steve Case and Corey for support on these meets. Steve has spoken at almost all of my meetings and this website is my only advertising venue.

I go to MOM and MHU(this is my second) meetings to LEARN. You look at the assembled cast and the combined wisdom is breathtaking. Any ONE of these speakers is worth the price of admission of this event.

I think Don was trying to point out in this earlier post that there are many facets of mobile home investing, and all of them are profitable.

Steve,Corey, Lonnie, Ernest, Tony, Scott, Steve(WA)and myself do meets and camps to help new and seasoned investors to network and succeed period. The cost of these events is HUGE (in both time and money) and I bet there is very little meat left on the bone after final accounting is done. As an example I spent 70+ hours on the last MOM and I have had plenty of weeks where I net 30K on a couple of repo flips. The rewards we get are the newbie calling us with their first Park funded, or pics of that first L/H pac that just sold, or the news that they can quit the job, or can finally retire with dignity (I have had 2 of these calls). That is priceless and makes it all worthwhile for me. If ONE investor is able to throw off the bonds of 40 hour indentureship I will continue to have MOM meets.

It all started with a thirty dollar book!!


Greg Meade


I can hardly wait to make that “REWARD” call, I promise that you will be one of the first to recieve one. I will have many to make!

I have been working on the outline of my" were gonna have to let you go" speech to my future ex-employer.

Although MHM doesn’t look like it is going to happen for me this go around, we have been pouring ourselves into search & educate endeavors, and have even made a couple of offers on parks.

We have made it thru the first 2 books & working on #3, why I almost have a handle on that 12c.

Karl Werner summed it up with his 4 stages of consiousness analogy, I am in the second stage, consiously ignorant, but I am on medication & the prognosis looks good. Stage 3 soon.