Mobile home flipper in my park

I recently brought in 2 used homes into the park with the intent to rehab and sell off. A mobile home flipper is interested in buying these homes from us, rehabbing, and selling them off. This sounds like a great situation, but just wondering if there is anything I should watch out for?

Any concerns from a liability standpoint if he were to get hurt while working on these homes?


Ive got one I need done and sold too. With all the Park and dealer poachers it has to be done under their radar. FB is full of em. Everybody’s got empty lots to fill.

I would watch out for a few things. First, limit the number of homes that you allow him to buy. We limit to 5%. Any higher and you have a lot of risk tied up in 1 tenant. Second, make sure he signs an agreement allowing you to have final decision on new tenants. You don’t want your flipper bringing bad tenants to your community. Third, have the flipper and his subleased tenant both sign a lot lease with you so they are both responsible for the terms.

I don’t see any more risk in having the flipper fix his homes than having any of your other tenants fix their homes. It’s the same thing in both cases.

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Much higher risk with who a flipper sells it to. Could easily be poached vs a tenant that you know wants to stay in the Park.

Since the homes are already there why don’t you just hire the flipper to rehab them - he makes money on the rehab and you make money on the sale. Or, just hire a contractor to do the work, place an ad in the paper and sell them when he’s done. There’s no reason to get a flipper involved. Regardless of what you do, make sure you are the one who approves the tenant.

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We are doing the same thing here. Someone has been buying homes and selling them. We require the new buyers fill out the same application that our potential tenants fill out. We have to approve them before she can allow them to live in the park. So far, it’s going ok. She has been sending us the applications via email and we let her know if they’ve been approved or not. At first we were rejecting almost all of them, but then she started coming in with more suitable apps.

Just make sure you have a written agreement before allowing them to rehab that carefully spells out both sides expectations. Having someone willing to invest and do a good job of rehabbing homes is a good thing just have to get references and have a contract to protect yourself and your residents.


We did this with two different homes in one of our parks.

Worked out great! The flippers made money, I got good tenants in and paying rent, and I used my time to find another 50 home park instead of managing renovations on 2 homes.

I just had them sign the normal rental agreement as if they were tenants, which stipulates that we need to approve the home buyer before they sell.

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