Mobile home fix-it advice?

Any sites dedicated to this? I’m working on my first park owned home. One small point that has me stuck… I need to replace about 2 panels of metal siding. It has a different profile than what they sell at the big box stores. Googling mobile home siding leads me to horizontal vinyl siding for the most part. I’m sure I’m not the first to have this issue. I have seen wood tongue and grove painted to match and screwed in, almost not noticeable but really a last resort.The front door was replaced with a standard size door and the excess jamb just sticks out on the interior. I’m sure this could be camouflaged with the right pieces of trim, I just like seeing what others do for inspiration.Thanks!

i checked youtube and found many videos 

Do you have a mobile home supply store in your area?  That’s where we get our MH specific materials.