Mobile Home Community Pressure Washers?

Hello. First of all, this is a great forum. I’ve been able to get my answers to a lot of questions just by looking around.

However, I couldn’t find the answer to this one. I’m with and we are looking to start working with RV Parks and Mobile Home Communities to begin offering specially-configured Pressure Washers for sale that would be able to be used as a “Community Asset” (one that any resident in the community to schedule to use) or for the Property Management personnel to use as they need it.

My question is this. Is there enough interest or “resident pride” in these communities to support something like this? Would they have an interest in keeping their mobile and manufactured homes clean? Or would the property managers consider this a tool they would use?

Of course, proper training assets would also be available to teach them how to properly use the equipment.

Thank you for any guidance or feedback you can give.