Mobile Home Bootcamp... Awesome!

We just got back from the Mobile Home Bootcamp in Texas and all I have to say is Awesome! We had 20 individuals from all over the country and from all backgrounds. I am so charged up by the class during the three days that my mind was whirling each night that I had a hard time to go to bed at night (a little Nyquil helps solve that problem :slight_smile: We got up each day at 7:00pm and did not usually got to bed until about midnight… spending practically every waking moment together talking about mobile home parks, mobile homes, deals, asset protection, entity structure and anything that we could think of!

Steve and I were fortunate to get to know 20 amazing people that had one goal mind… how to turn equity (no matter how small or big) into cash flow. It was amazing to see how people grew during the 3 days and the friendships (and future partnerships) that developed.

I want to thank each person that attended the bootcamp because of their unique personalities, drive, background and desires that made the bootcamp so much fun and so much more powerful. (I am also appreciative that they also did not razz me too much about my first mobile home park purchase where I made about $250,000 of mistakes! :slight_smile:

San Angelo, Texas is the ultimate training ground as we have two turn around mobile home parks and one turn key project. Christoval Estates is the first park that I bought and is where I learned a lot of hard lessons that cost me over $250,000 in mistakes. I did everything wrong possible. (This is Steve’s ultimate park to complete due diligence… he has an absolute field day!) However I know that nobody at the bootcamp will make the same mistakes and will save big $$$.

Special thanks to…

Sarah (Steve’s wife). She takes such good care of us all during the week making sure we we have enough to eat, always have a water/drink, and does everything to make sure her “new found children” are taken care of when they are away from home! She also has some great insight throughout the the three days.

Bo Shurmanoff. Bo spent 4 hours with us educating everybody about how to buy repossessed homes and complete the refurb process. Bo buys all of the homes for us in Texas (over 10/month). He knows how to buy the best repossessed home at the best price. He gave us all many money saving tips on refurbing the mobile homes. Bo worked previously for several repo banks and now owns his own company buying repos for land/home packages and mobile home parks.

Vicki Coles. Vicki is the “entrepreneur” at South Concho Mobile Home Park. She has lived the turn around process for the last 18 months and gave everybody some great insight into a turn around park, the entrepreneur model, and all of her experiences (great and somewhat challenging) with South Concho over the last 18 months.

I think I am going through separation anxiety with everybody from the bootcamp. (lol)



Do you have contact info for Bo Shurmanoff? I have a park in Shreveport that I want to fill up with Repo’s.



Bo’s number is 325-864-3031.