IS this considered a good stte or bad state to own mobile park. IS it tenant friendly?

MS = bad place to buy a MHP.  Most of us experienced investors stay away from the ‘deep south’ - MS, AL, LA, GA, TN.  Exceptions would be for parks truly ‘in’ the major cities in the south.  ‘In’ does not mean ‘part of the MSA, but 30 miles from downtown.’  ‘In’ means ‘in’ in the south.  So a park in Atlanta, Fayetteville, Nashville, etc. would be fine.  But parks ‘in’ any city are few and far between.  Most parks are 20+ miles from the downtown area, and while that sort of distance works for MHPs around Dallas, Omaha, Tulsa, etc., due to the deep south having a perennially poor economy, being that distance from the downtown of a southern city is a recipe for disaster.My 2 cents worth,-jl-