MHU & Jefferson Lilly Featured In Bloomberg

MHU & our forum moderator, Jefferson Lilly, were recently featured in Bloomberg Magazine. Here is a link to the article: thought you all would find this interesting.

I really enjoyed reading this article. The comments section blew me away though. It amazes me (even though it shouldn’t) how many negative and ignorant people spend their day trolling the internet and bad mouthing people.

It’s always those that never do any real research that speak the loudest too. So many of them stated how Jefferson is raping the poor to make money when they cometely missed the point that he took these run down communities and turned them around. If they just did a google search they would see that the expense of a MHP compared to even an apartment is so much more affordable. Are the apartment building owners raping the poor too because they forgot to mention that!

Ah the ignorant and hateful can be amusing.

Keep up the good work Jefferson!

Brandon, what an excellent article!  Thank you for sharing!Congrats to Frank, Dave & Jefferson for being in the article!One of my favorite lines is:“The litmus test was if we told someone at a cocktail party what we do and their response was a grimace, we were on the right track,” Shlachter says.