MHPs...Stable Park Vs. Turn Around Park...Day In The Life


  • “Not every Mobile Home Park nor the daily duties are the same :wink: .”

My Husband and I own a Turn Around Mobile Home Park.

My Husband is on the front lines.

We have Friends in the area that own a Stable Mobile Home Park.

Yesterday, my Husband gets a call from our Friend who owns a Stable MHP.

The Friend says that they are bored and were wondering what my Husband was up to.

My Husband said that they were more than welcome to come over to our MHP as there is never a dull moment in our MHP.

The kind Friend actually brings my Husband lunch.

Unfortunately, my Husband does not even have time to eat with the Friend as my Husband is busy with the following daily duties:

  • Mobile Home - For Rent: My Husband showed two Prospective Tenants 3 different Mobile Homes.
  • Water Leak - Plumber: My Husband helped our Plumbers with a leak at one of the Water Meters.
  • New Deck: My Husband measured to make sure that a new deck did not encroach upon the next door lot.
  • Mobile Home - Moved In: My Husband flagged corners and gas and water lines for a newer Mobile Home that was being moved into the MHP.
  • Tree - Trim: My Husband had a tree trimmed on the lot where the newer Mobile Home was being moved to.
  • Rent - Collect: My Husband collected Rent from some Tenants who prefer to hand deliver the Rent.

Now I understand that those with a Manager will have their Managers do the above items.

We just happen to be more hands on…just two MHPs…so we are deep in the mud…literally.

The Water Leak was crazy as the old water lines were a puzzle of multiple water lines attached to other lines. The Plumber had to do a temporary fix that day and come back the next day to apply a permanent (as permanent as you can get) fix.

We wish you the very best!

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Thanks, Kristin! I love stories about “a day in the life!”