MHP with pads of rock

Good Morning,

I am looking at a small MHP for sale, that has lots made from large rocks (looks like rip rap). Does anyone have experience with lots like these? Should I plan on upgrading them to concrete or will these suffice? Any advice would be appreciated.



Glenn you might want to start by checking with the planning and code inforcement department. When you bring new homes into the park the building officials can force new codes on you and that will dictate future plans

By all means check into what is required because you WILL be subject to current codes the moment you try to bring a home onto a vacant pad. The problem is finding out exactly what those requirements are and who knows them. Am familiar with OH regs and local officials have no jurisdiction over setting up homes. The state dictates what is required and the rules are different for sets on private land and those done in parks. And the regs are different if the home is being set for the first time or if it has been set before. Crazy. Find out who actually does the inspections and pay him/her for a couple of hours of time. It will be worth every penny.

Keep in mind that regs are changing across the country and things never get easier or less complicated. Having this knowledge may easily give you an edge in your negotiations.


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