mhp new york

Sorry a few more questions.

How many parks does the average investor look at before finding one worth buying? I have looked at 5 -6 parks so far and have not found anything worth buying (mostly too high priced for the cashflow!)

IT seems at collection of rent is critical. Realisticly how much time should I expect to spend getting rents each month? ( i.e. I assume some percentage will pay on time with no problem, some will pay, but late and a few ( i hope), will not pay and will require legal action. Are my fears justified or do most people pay up?

Any special regulations in New York that Ishould be aware of? ( New York always seems to have more regulation of everything compared to the rest of the country).

thanks again, any comments would be helpful. This does look like a great area to invest in, I just don’t want to make any huge mistakes when buying a park.

I would suggest ordering course material available here and enrolling in the next boot camp. MHPs are a niche asset class and require specific skills and knowledge. You might want to consider starting small 10-20 pads and move up from there. Just my 2 cents.