MHP Manager Training Program

Has anyone purchased this program before? What do you like or dislike about it? Is it an online version, if so, how many people can log into it to view it? Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Me too. I was considering buying this.

@brandon_reynolds, Brandon, could you please tell us more about the MHP Manager Training Program? If I buy it for my manager, can I also study it? Is it online? Or does it come with CDs/DVDs? thanks.

This product is strictly army surplus – we built it 100% for our own use. We use it over a hundred times a year, as it is required in our portfolio for every new park manager. We built it to save the enormous cost of holding “initial manager training sessions” which meant driving out to the park, staying in a hotel, losing a weekend of time, and driving back. Now, instead, we have the manager take the on-line course and tests, and then say “OK, what did you not understand of that” and save our weekends for more important things.

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@GJS It is completely online. Each order includes license for the owner and 1 manager and only the manager will receive a certificate of completion. Let me know of any other questions.

@frankrolfe, @brandon_reynolds, thanks Frank and Brandon!

Got it. Thanks, Frank & Brandon!


So if we have to replace the manager do we have to buy another copy, or can we reuse the license?

@Coach62 the license is for each manager, so if a manager leaves, you will need another copy.


I don’t see a link to buy this MHP manager training. Where do I find this info?