MHP investment fund suggestions

Does anyone have any MHP investment fund recommendations for someone like me who, at this particular time, just wants to put money into the fund and be a limited ‘junior’ partner in the investment? I’ve done many single family flips and kept several for long-term rentals, but now want to make the switch to MHPs. I currently have invested with Open Door Capital (with Brandon Turner). Anyone have any positive or negative info on them or any other funds. I’m also interested in Sunrise Capital possibly. How would I go about being a straight ‘money partner’ if I don’t go the Fund route? Any suggestions are appreciated.



These are all Reg D capital raises and some guys do them in “funds” others do them on an asset by asset basis. Typically funds offer a bit more flexibility for the syndicator and diversity for the LPs in the deal. Brandon’s are all 506C raises as well. He and I use the same attorney for our syndications so I’ve heard nothing but good things about him, but don’t know him personally. If you’d like to discuss this more I’d be happy to have a phone call, just shoot me a text at 253-219-9333. Take care.


Thanks so much. I’ll text you tomorrow.

Sure, you could go the fund route, or be an active joint venture partner with operators who do not have a fund (we have done this in 4 deals so far). Happy to discuss with you, 859-285-2103. Thanks.

Miles, I’m in the same boat of considering funds or more of a joint venture partner. If you have a few minutes, I’d be interested in discussing. - Craig (

Hi Craig,
Happy to hop on a call. Just sent you an email from