MHP...Fence...Distance...Between Road...Allowing For MH Ingress/Egress


  • What is the minimum distance between the End Posts of a Decorative, Vinyl Fence at the MHP entrance to allow for easy ingress/egress of Mobile Homes?

We will be installing a 3 Rail, White Vinyl Decorative Fence across the front of our MHP.

Thanks in advance!

Not only do you need to consider the distance between the fence, but also the setback from the road and the length of the home + toter.

The best information I could find on mobile home turning radius and sweep paths was from a university of michigan study below. Check out pages 50-54…hopefully this provides some rough guidance.

Worst case you can remove an endpost for a move to get the extra clearance needed - these 3 rail fences are pretty quick to assemble and disassemble, but digging a post out might not be so much fun.

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@jhutson , thank you so very much for all your valuable info!

We greatly appreciate it!

We will be digging tomorrow for the fence, so this is very helpful!