MHP Business and This Site

I’m in the process of buying a few parks with a few other investors. It would seem to me that some good deals are out there due to the bad economy and what appears to be an unenthusiastic group of buyers. If the country doesn’t “fold up” , isn’t affordable housing as good as anything else ? If any of you experienced park owners think I’m nuts , please advise.

Also there is another thread that asks if the site is pretty much at it’s end. I do notice way less posting , almost no events and just generally a gloom and doom. Have people lost interest in MHP’s ? No conventions , very few boot camps advertised. Other than a few people showing up at MOM…pretty much in a coma. Why is it that many think this site isn’t worth keeping up with anymore ?

I’m gonna be here to the bitter end. lol (Bill sticks his tongue out.) grin

Affordable Housing It Is

In regards to new knowledge and voracious posting you can only bake a cake so many ways and I believe all the recipes have been covered. If you want to go into action this forum and others have more than enough real life powerful archived information to get you rocking and rolling.

The hype is over but, the opportunities are real and still out there for those that will get out of their own way and go for it. The opportunities may not be in your backyard. As someone said in an earlier post (Dr B or Bernd

You are very right Rick. Relocation is what I had to do. I didn’t actually move but I do have a trailer at the park that I stay in. I’m here 3 weeks a month, but don’t really have to be here. I just love it down here. I’m in the sticks on Lake Okeechobee. hunting, fishing, atv’s and the such. But thats just me. My point is I had to look farther away from my home town around tampa that was what I could afford and had what I wanted.

I am not looking to get rich, just looking at paying my bills, pay it off and when I’m about 60 I cash out and have what me and what my family needs. If I dont cash out, then thats cool to. It will be paid for and just cash in my pocket at retirement. Leave it to my family if they want it.

I know this is a very simplistic view of things, everybody has different needs. But i’m in this for the long run, not the turn and burn real estate crap that alot got into. JMHO.