MHM6 - Sheraton Hotel only has 10 hotel rooms left of our room block!

The Sheraton hotel is completely sold out and we only have 10 hotel rooms left of our room block (we had a room block of 220 hotel rooms!). Once they are gone, they are gone!

We are currently researching other possibilities for hotels. We will provide an update as we know more.

Attendees can always use,,, etc.

We have just received final word from Sheraton that our room block of 220 hotel rooms is complely sold out. They have no rooms available for the weekend of MHM6 at any price.

We just signed a contract with the Hilton Hotel (about 8 blocks away) to handle the overflow. We were able to negotiate a great rate of $129 (most hotels downtown wanted $150 - $175+). If you are still in need of a hotel room for Mobile Home Millions 6 please call the:

Hilton Reservations Desk at 1-800-236-1592 and request the Mobile Home University Room Block or the group code