MHC in a large university town

Interested in a park that resides in a large university town.  Town is not that large, but university is.  Wondering if that will be a positive or negative impact for the kind of tenants I can expect, i.e. assuming there will be a lot of student interest in affordable housing.  Anyone have experience with this kind of market?Thanks,Greg

We are extremely big on university towns. Great recession-resistant economy, and every other factor we look for. So that’s a huge plus in our book.

I have a friend in vet school at the University of Iowa. They either rent or pay lot rent for a mobile home in a park that continually houses a whole contingent of vet students (presumably due to being pet friendly). Based on the kids I know in the vet school here, they do network a lot and could probably expect to sell their trailer to an incoming student. I’d definitely target grad students when possible. 

Appreciate the feedback.-Greg