MH Rent to own agreement samples needed

We’re looking to draw down the number of POH that we have. A number of people have asked us about doing rent to own with an escrow service managing the paper work. Sounds good so far.

I’ve ask some of my local peers for samples of their rent to own agreemtns so I can have something to build off of. What i’ve been handed so far has been an add on to an existing rental agreement. In that respect if felt weak.

We’ve got concerns about who pays taxes, insurance etc as well as who is responsible for repairs. So samples of any rent to own agreement that address these types of issues would be appreciated.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.


I do not do rent to own but have done some research.

Hire a lawyer experienced in RTOs to draw up a contract.

You require two separate contracts. One for the lot rent and a separate contract for the rent to own. This simplifies the situation when evictions are required.

Most RTOs fail. The tenants rarely achieve the required credit rating to qualify for a bank loan in the usual 1-3 year RTO contracts. However you simply keep their down payment and principal payment and move on to the next RTO tenant.

As far as expenses are concerned you should be paying the taxes and definitely the insurance. Do not trust a RTO tenant to keep these up. All normal maintenance repairs are the responsibility of the tenant unless otherwise agreed to in advance ( egg: replacement of furnace, hot water tank etc).


I sent you a few documents via email. Important to note- I do NOT run my lease option for the entire term- 24 months, maybe 36 months- then they pay a lump sum to buy the home. Because the homes are still in our name- but they are a triple net lease- tenant pays for improvements, taxes, utilities etc… we prorate the taxes and insurance, then bill monthly or yearly- depending on the home and amounts.

Jim, Was wondering if you could forward your sample RTO Contracts to me as well. I have a home that I will be turning over soon.

Thank U in advance

Dale Babski

Hello Jim

I’m looking at a MHP right now, which if I go ahead and purchase it, will be my first one.

If its not too much to ask, I would appreciate a copy of your form.

Also, I believe you mentioned on another post that you were going to flip a park. Could you provide some information on that as well.


William Turner