MH Note For Sale

Hello: my first post, I was recommended to this site by a coleague of Ernest Tew’s, by the way.

I have a MH note I’m trying to sell at least a partial off; it is in a high-end park here in Michigan.

I’d also be interested in getting a loan against the note with the MH and me as collateral as an alternative to selling the partial.

I do Lonnie deals part-time and am tying to get to the one-per-month pace but need to create cash and re-invest to keep going. I’ve sold one note so far, need to sell another one but I do not have a network of investors.

If anyone is interested in the note please contact me for the details…also if you know of an invetsor who might be interested in buying or hard $$ loaning against the note…please email me.

I’ve enjoyed the posts.

Best Regards,



Welcome! I would definitely recommend attending Mobile Home Millions 5 in San Diego (March 2nd - 4th). You will find plenty of people in attendance that could be potentially private investors for you. The name of the game in this business is networking! :slight_smile: