MH Evictions Attorney CA

Does anyone know of a good value, get the job done evictions attorney who works in CA?


Try contacting the Apartment Association in your county. They evict someone every month.

They all have members who are attorneys that specialize in evictions.

There are also other service providers. Call some property managers and/or owners and see who they use. A referral goes a long way.


I know an awesome eviction attorney in the Antelope Valley. Where is park?

Thanks Shelly!

The park is in Ridgecrest, Kern County. Please forward me the details.


Thanks Mike!


If this a straight non payment of rent issue you might consider using an eviction service and save some money. Make sure they are familiar with the MRL.
If you hold title in an llc, an attorney will need to bless the papers and that will cost a few hundred extra.