Metro health department issues

How to deal with metro if they seem to be picking on a park. Current owner speaks his mind with a rough voice and probably doesn’t make things easier on himself, however park is not really in a great part of town anyways

Current owner says they make him enforce their rules instead of issuing citations directly to the tenants.

There’s always two sides to the story and I’ll have to meet with them to figure it out. Is it pretty common that they visit regularly and nit pick over silly things or things that aren’t even there?

I would take the owner’s statements with a grain of salt until you get the background and history from the health department directly. Understand their concerns and ask if they can show you some details surrounding this. Ask how the good parks are operating that do not have such frequent visits.

Getting these relationships re-established can be a great way to negotiate improvements and city services that would otherwise cost a fortune, such as individual city submeters, or maybe establishing trash service.

I was in a similar situation when I first purchased. I meet with the township inspector and made it clear to him that I was interested in upgrading the community and would comply with all his requests. Once I proved I was serious and had all infractions cleared up, within 2 months, we were on solid ground. I asked that if he saw any future issues that he contact me directly and I assured him they would be corrected.
Having a good relationship with your county inspector is key to not only improving your community but also builds a relationship that is to your benefit as the owner. Using them to force tenants to upgrade is a powerful tool.
You can work with them or fight them, it’s your choice, you may win a few battles but you can never win a war.

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